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Mind Tools

What is Mind Tools?

Mind Tools is a platform that offers over 2,700 resources including videos, audio, fun animations, bite-sized top tips, self-assessments, how to guides and more.

These resources focus on enhancing your Leadership and Management skills with articles, infographics, book insights and models.

We recommend that you bookmark the Mind Tools weblink - Warwick University Toolkit | Welcome (

How may it benefit me?

Mind Tools is a platform that encourages self-directed learning. As a manager or leader, you’ll benefit from the surplus of materials that will enhance your skills and provide you with a platform to support your teams to celebrate their differences, build confidence and create change.

Visit Mind Tools and take control over your own development. Interesting topics range from Change Management, Dealing with Conflict to enhancing your own skills such as presentation practice and much more.

We recommend the following playlists: