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Graduate Trainee Placements


As part of the University of Warwick Graduate Scheme, the Graduate Management Trainees undertake four placements to give them exposure to a range of different areas of the University. One of these placements is in a local Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) or charity, giving our local community a chance to benefit from this scheme and for our Trainees to bring this experience back to Warwick.

Internal Placements - University of Warwick

We are inviting Warwick departments to provide an expression of interest for the 8-month or 12-month projects our trainees will be undertaking, we would like to offer a wide range of diverse and challenging placements, reflecting the variety of roles within Higher Education and the University of Warwick.

The Graduate Management Trainees’ placements are the key building block for their practical learning, and so it is essential that these placements are challenging and varied. The Trainees are at grade 5 level and as part of their development they are undertaking a project management qualification so they would need the opportunity to work in a Project Officer capacity and be involved with one or more projects. The scheme is fully funded so there are no departmental costs, we are looking for placements that are supportive, enable some project management experience (at grade 5 level) and can accommodate study time (1 – 2 days per week).

As the scheme is funded via the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) it is essential that that the placement meets the following criteria:

  • It involves working with at least one external organisation and includes an element of two-way knowledge sharing
  • It brings a social or economic benefit to the UK or beyond (not just in Warwick University and/or its students)

Internal placement bids will open for placement 4 on Monday 27th March 2023.

Next steps

Step 1:

  • Read the University of Warwick Graduate Scheme Guide Link opens in a new windowand the internal placement bid formLink opens in a new window (Warwick University Internal departments only, for external organisations, please use the external bid form below)
  • Consider if you have the capacity to support a Graduate Management Trainee for 8 or 12 months and offer them the opportunity to work in a project officer role. Note: Placement 4 is for 12 months.
  • Ensure you can offer a project (or projects) involving working with another organisation and which includes a knowledge exchange (this is part of the criteria for our funding for the scheme and is essential). Note: If your department has previously hosted a Graduate Management Trainee, the bid will need to be for a different project.

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • The Graduate Management Trainees may contact potential placement teams to discuss the placement opportunity and then submit their choices by late July 2023. Note: it is likely that we will have more bids than the number of Graduate Management Trainees available
  • The outcomes will be communicated to everyone by mid August 2023
  • A Information session for those who will be hosting a Graduate Management Trainee will be held in early September 2023

External Placements

External placement bids will be open when our next cohort have been recruitment ready for placement 2 in 2025. Exact dates will be shared nearer the date.

Working with and supporting our local community is very important to us at Warwick. We would like to reach out to our local SMEs and charities in the Coventry and Warwickshire area and offer them the opportunity to host a graduate trainee, who would work in the capacity of a Project Officer.

Can you provide the experience to work on projects, create a supportive environment and enable our trainees to put their project management skills into practice? In return, you get the opportunity to have a skilled graduate management trainee work at your organisation for 3 days per week, for an 8-month period, before returning to Warwick to complete the rest of the scheme. The graduate management trainees will continue to be employed by (and 100% paid by) the University of Warwick.

Next steps

 Step 1:

  • Are you located in the Coventry/Warwickshire area? We are only able to accept bids from organisations located in the local area.
  • Read the External Placement Bid FormLink opens in a new window
  • Consider if you have the capacity to support a graduate trainee for 8 months and offer them the opportunity to work in a project officer role. Note: only one bid per external organisation.

 Step 2:

 Step 3:

  • The graduate management trainees will contact potential placement teams to discuss the placement opportunity and then submit their choices in early December. Note: it is likely that we will have more bids than the number of graduate trainees available.
  • The outcomes will be communicated to everyone.

 Step 4:

  • Successful organisations will need to sign a secondment contract agreement, complete an assurance questionnaire and a data sharing agreement

What Makes a Good Placement?

A successful placement is one which benefits the trainee by developing their skills, knowledge and experience, and which delivers tangible outcomes for the host department/organisation.

Good quality placements need to have meaningful projects with demanding yet achievable goals that provide the trainee with a broad, yet in-depth, experience, which meets the HEIF funding requirements.

We suggest each placement has these broad components:

  • A project/projects the graduate trainee leads which will take eight months/twelve months to complete and that has tangible deliverables and outcomes for which the trainee is responsible.
  • A series of other tasks/activities of shorter duration
  • Some day-to-day operational work allowing the trainee to contribute to the ongoing work of the team in which they are based. Placements must be challenging and varied, whilst also being realistic and achievable.
  • The Graduate Management Trainee(s) must be appropriately supported to deliver on their objectives and develop their skills, please refer to the bid form for more information on the soft skills and project management skills.

Frequently Asked Questions - check out our FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQS.

Any questions?

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