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Essential Criteria

What is the essential criteria to be eligible to apply?

You need to have achieved a 2:1 degree or above in the last 5 years (special circumstances for a longer duration will be considered). If you require a visa to work in the UK, this will need to be in place for the full duration of the scheme.

Warwick is committed to building an organisation of mutual respect and dignity, promoting a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive working and learning environment.  We recognise that everyone is different in a variety of visible and non-visible ways, and that those differences are to be recognised, respected, and valued.  Where possible, we go beyond legislation to provide a place where everyone can thrive, supporting all staff to achieve their full potential. We aspire to remove economic, social, and cultural barriers that may otherwise prevent people from succeeding.

We therefore welcome and encourage applications from all communities regardless of culture, background, age, disability, sex/gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion/belief, or sexual or romantic orientation. To find out more about our social inclusion work at Warwick visit our webpages here.

Are you able to sponsor work visas for this scheme?

Unfortunately we are not able sponsor any work visas. You will need to have a visa in place for the full duration of the scheme.

Do I need to have any specific experience to apply?
No, we’ll give you the experience on the scheme. You will also be part of an Emerging Leaders programme, which will develop your leadership and soft skills.
Do I need to be a Warwick Graduate?

No, we welcome applications from non Warwick graduates providing you meet the essential criteria.

Do I need to have a degree in a particular subject?

No, just as long as you have achieved a minimum of a 2:1 in the last 5 years.

Can Warwick staff apply?

Yes, we welcome applications from Warwick staff and previous Warwick staff have been successful in joining the scheme. Please note you will need to meet the essential criteria.

The scheme

How many places are there on the scheme?

We hope to offer 6 places.

How does the scheme work?

Its a fast track leadership development programme. You will undertake 3 placements including one in a local small to medium sized organisation (SME) or charity, and will also take part in an Emerging Leadership programme to develop your leadership and softskills as well as working towards a project management qualification.

When does the scheme start?

It is a 2 year scheme and the next cohort will commence early October 2024 until end of September 2026. Offers will be made in May 2024 and there will be an optional in person lunch taking place in the summer so you have the chance to meet the rest of your cohort. Applications are now closed for this cohort. We hope to recruit another cohort to commence in October 2026.

What is the starting salary?

The starting salary is £30k, with an annual incremental pay increase - see Warwick Payscale for more details. You will be offered a Grade 5 two year fixed term employment contract with the same terms, conditions and benefits as other Warwick employees.

How are the placements selected?

You will undertake 3 x 8 month placements. We will ask you about your areas of interest during the interview to assign placement one. You will then be actively involved in selecting the other two placements. Read more about our previous Graduate Management Trainees experience to help illustrate how this works in practice.

What experience will I gain during the placements?

The aim is to work on key projects linked to Warwick’s vision and strategy and you will gain exposure in the following areas; operational, strategic, working with academics, working with students and commercial. This will give you a holistic experience of working in Higher Education and develop you as a future leader. Read more about our previous Graduate Management Trainees experience.

How does the external placement element work?

We invite local SMEs (small to medium sized organisations) and charities to put forward a bid to host a Graduate Management Trainee with the salary funded by University of Warwick. You will then have the opportunity to meet and select your chosen placement. You will then be based in that organisation for your placement. There will be placement options accessible by public transport and support to fund business insurance if you have a car. You will still have regular opportunities to be on Warwick campus and connect with the other Graduate Management Trainees.

Where will I be based?

For your internal placements, you will be based in the Warwick departments, these will be on one of the Warwick University campus locations. For the external placement, you will be based in their place of work in the Coventry/Warwickshire area. Many Warwick departments offer hybrid working opportunities.

What development opportunities are included in the scheme?

You will be part of an Emerging Leadership programme which includes coaching, mentoring and psychometrics to help you explore your authentic leadership style and skills development. You will also work towards a project management qualification.

We understand how important having a community and network is and you'll have a two mentors, will be part of two Communities of Practice Groups, an action learning set and have opportunities to attend conferences and events, not to mention the graduate scheme community group (current and alumni).

What happens after the scheme?

During the final part of the scheme, we will support you with the next stage of your career. Naturally, we hope you'll want to continue your career at Warwick and you will see that most of our previous Graduate Management Trainees have done just that. If you continue to work at Warwick, you will also be offered a place on our graduate scheme alumni development programme.

The Application Process

How do I apply for the graduate scheme?

Applications are now closed for this cohort. We hope to recruit another cohort to commence in October 2026.

It is a strengths and values based recruitment process. Rather than focusing on your previous experience as you'll get that as part of the scheme, we'll be looking at your leadership potential and you'll be asked to complete a scenario question in your application form.

What are the next stages after the application form?

Those who are successful will be asked to complete stage one: an online case study activity. There will then be a further shortlist and if successful, you will be asked to attend stage two: a virtual assessment centre which includes an individual and group activity. The final stage will be an in-person interview on University of Warwick campus.

When will the assessment centres take place?

The stage one: online case study activity will take place in February 2024.

The stage two: online assessment centre will take place in March 2024.

The stage three: in person interview on University of Warwick campus will be in April 2024.

Is there any support available?

Warwick Careers have some great resources you can access. The Migrant Leaders charity is also available to support those who meet their criteria. Migrants Leaders is completely free as the charity is mainly funded by corporate partners. Students from 1st or 2nd generation migrant background or none migrants from disadvantaged background are all eligible. This includes any ethnicity including white British disadvantaged background. Here is the eligibility criteria: Candidate Application InformationLink opens in a new window

Young people can apply to the free programme here: Candidate ApplicationLink opens in a new window. Here is the leaflet Candidate Application InformationLink opens in a new window and a short video introducing the development programme to students: Introduction to Migrant Leaders - For StudentsLink opens in a new window