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There are two options for coaching:

Coaching with another member of staff who is a qualified coach


Coaching with a qualified external coach

What is coaching?

Coaching is a confidential, structured conversation with another person who is a qualified coach. Its purpose is to improve a person’s performance at work by helping them to develop self-awareness, confidence, impact and to identify solutions to challenges. Coaching can be helpful in a number of development needs, such as:

•Improving leadership skills.
•Improving interpersonal skills.
•Working through a challenge.
•Managing change.
•Helping someone to reach their potential.

What does coaching involve?

Coaching begins with an introductory conversation with a potential coach. This helps both parties to find out if they are compatible to work together. The coach facilitates the coachee to identify goals, these are things they would like to work on during the coaching. This is followed by up to six coaching conversations.

What does the coach do?

The coach’s role is to:

•Create a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space in which the coachee can explore their goals.
•Supportively challenge the coachee, by asking questions which help them identify ideas, solutions and actions.