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1 - 1 Support Opportunities

LDC is committed to providing Research Active Staff (Research, Academic, Teaching terms and conditions) with the right kind of support for their needs. In addition to the RAS programme of funding and events/workshops/programmes we are currently providing the funding for two specific strands of individual support with the aim of addressing focused, specific research needs. The 1-1 support is funded bt LDC, RAS.

Career Support

Research Active Staff have requested 1-1 career support to assist with CV advice, career planning, preparing for interviews or mock interviews. LDC is providing funding for expert career support. If you are interested in booking a session(s) please can you complete the booking form.

Academic Writing

With the continued success of the Academic Writing Programme, the workshop programme and academic writing retreat, LDC is providing funding for research active staff to benefit from individual support. These sessions can be used to consult an expert on your writing issues, such as existing draft applications, producing a piece of work from existing research or more broadly, planning your research/writing strategies. It does not provide a proof-reading service. If you are interested in booking a session(s) please complete the booking form.