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Career Development


Careers Support

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LDC provides careers support through:

  • a programme of workshops run by careers specialists to meet the broad needs of research staff: visit our events page or the LDC Course Directory to review the events currently available.
  • one-to-one consultations, where specific, individual advice is needed. Use the online booking form to request a meeting.


This page will help you to assess the career options available and consider your next steps.

Guidance is provided on how to plan your career progression if staying in academia. Advice is also offered for those considering research opportunities outside academia, non-research careers in higher education or how to begin managing a career change.

Successful career progression relies on developing your skills and experience, but to secure a new position it is also vital to understand and prepare for the recruitment and selection process. This page provides advice on how to maximise your chances at each stage of the process, whether staying in, or moving outside academia.


careers support 


Career crossroads