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Careers Talk WHRI

To download full presentation with active links click here.

On Friday 11 June 2010 I delivered a talk to WHRI research staff. As you can see from the slides, it was aimed at 'band 6' researchers, most of which have research degrees. However, a number of academics ('PIs') and technicians expressed interest as well.

Here are the key points raised during the event:

  1. A CV and applications session will be offered in September. Please note that my colleague Julie Gallimore also offers a CV session in the beginning of July. Contact Eileen Osborne for more details.
  2. Technicians will be included in future communication to research staff.
  3. We are working on dedicated career webpages for Life Sciences with links to professional bodies, job agencies, and tips on CVs and cover letters. Link will be sent by email in July.
  4. It would be useful to have discussion groups in which researchers/academics/technicians can share good practice, links, and raise concerns. Some groups have already formed.
  5. Use resources available to you at Warwick and elsewhere. For example, the Learning and Development Centre, HR, Counselling Services. Also, your own network & LinkedIn.