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AMOS (Specific Statistical)

Structural Equation Modelling Package

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AMOS provides structural equation modelling within the SPSS environment. This enables the user to specify, estimate, assess and present models to showing hypothesized relationships among variables.
Users can choose either the graphical user interface or non-graphical, programmatic interface.

SPSS originally stood for statistical package for
the social science. It was developed in
the 1960s and has evolved over the years into a fully-fledged package that allows
a very broad range of statistical analyses, across a wide range of disciplines,
while it remains the most widely used package within the social sciences. It is now owned and sold but IBM.

Site licence that extends to home use for staff and students.

Now available as a free
download from ITS:

Note on Statistical Packages Designed for a Specific Set of Functions:

These packages are designed to provide a limited set of functions, but often more advanced ones than are found in general purpose statistical packages, e.g. time series analysis or Bayesian modelling.

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