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Origin (General Statistical)

Data analysis and graphing software application.

Functionality Background Licence availability, restrictions
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The package provides some basic statistical functionality, although this range appears to be extending with every release - the most recent version includes a range of tools for signal and image processing. However, it is primarily a graphical package offering a range of high quality plots and graphs of publication quality. It is strong on curve fitting. Origin’s background lies in the development of statistical graphics. Its purpose was originally to provide high quality statistical graphics for publication. Statistical functionality, initially relating to curve fitting and more recently expanding into other areas, has developed since.

Available to university members only. Further information and download details:

Origin is marketed by OriginLab ( The site has some support including a set of video tutorials.

Note on General Purpose Statistical Packages:

Broadly, these packages offer the user an easy way of applying standard estimation, confidence interval and hypothesis testing techniques to general data, usually input in the form of a spreadsheet.

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