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Qualtrics (Specific Statistical)

Survey software

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Qualtrics provides a means of developing and managing questionnaire surveys via the web. The questionnaires are easily constructed and deployed and a variety of formats of questions are possible. The results may be analysed simply withing Qualtrics with graphical output in a variety of formats. Alternatively data may be output as a spreadsheet or other format for further or more advanced analysis in another package, commonly SPSS.

Qualtrics is a private company founded about 10 years ago.

Their software is the market
leader in academic business research.

Site licence purchased by WBS, for use by staff and students in WBS only. Further details:

The company website is at:

Note that the company offer a free account to create simple questionnaires.

Note on Statistical Packages Designed for a Specific Set of Functions:

These packages are designed to provide a limited set of functions, but often more advanced ones than are found in general purpose statistical packages, e.g. time series analysis or Bayesian modelling.

Please share your experiences and examples of how you have used this software by leaving a comment below, to help others choose the right software for their research requirements.