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Seminar 5 - Exploratory Data Analysis & Multivariate Strategies

Seminar Overview

Date, venue and booking

The Focus of the Session:

This seminar will initially focus on the importance of using Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) techniques to look at any data set before embarking on any more formal analysis. We will also consider the value of using some of these EDA techniques to present both data and the results of analyses in a simple and informative way. Finally, we will provide a brief introduction to the world of multivariate statistics, identifying the kinds of problems for which multivariate methods are useful, and describing the aims associated with a range of common multivariate methods.


Who is it for?

This series is open to Research Assistants/Post Docs/Research Fellows, etc (ie. all staff doing research: this does not include research students).

10th January

12.00pm - 2.00pm

Seminar Room,

Ground floor, University House

Book a place.

Catering provided

Tea/coffee/water on arrival, plus a bag lunch for your convenience: complete the lunch details on the booking form.


Any questions?

Contact Lisa Lavender
Learning and Development Centre