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Career Progression - Dr Paul Sutcliffe

Dr Paul Sutcliffe is a Senior Research Fellow at Health Sciences Research Institute, Warwick Medical School. Below is his personal reflection on successful career progression.

1. Be determined

a. Recognise it is sometimes tough being a researcher
b. Stay positive

2. Collaborations

a. Keep in contact with former colleagues from previous work
b. Get to know the research interests of people in your department
c. Understand the research strategy in your department
d. Meet new people around the university
e. Share ideas
f. Show an interest in the work of others

3. Find an area of expertise that is transferable across areas and departments

a. Recognise your expertise and skills
b. Think about how you can support others
c. What can people learn from you

4. Regular supervision

a. Seek feedback and act on it
b. Planning
c. Find an inspirational figure/mentor/coach

5. Annual review

a. Goal setting
b. Organisation
c. Channelling your work

6. Going beyond the job description

a. Show initiative
b. Practice good time management to allow yourself to get involved in new opportunities
c. Set aside time for writing work from previous contracts
d. Set aside time for developing ideas

7. Publications and grants

a. Write up – don’t leave it on the shelf!
b. Encourage your colleagues to write up
c. You don’t have to be first author

8. Teaching

a. Get involved in teaching
b. Supervise students

9. Demonstrate a presence at Departmental and University meetings

a. Contribute to your department
b. Get involved and represent ECR

10. Get support from HoD for promotion

a. Give yourself plenty of time to apply for promotion
b. Get references
c. Supporting statements
d. Keep your CV up to date


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