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Statisitics Seminar: Measurements, Meaningfulness and Scale Types

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Following an introduction on the Statistics support being offered by LDC in the new academic year, the session will discuss the following:

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are numerical measurements from some electronic device and 'accurate' to several decimal places; sometimes they are counts made by a human subject to possible miscounting; sometimes they are responses to questionnaires with a '1' representing 'strongly agree' through to a '5' or '7' representing 'strongly disagree'; sometimes they are just plain text'and there are a whole host of possibilities beyond that. Recognising this is important because how one develops a statistical model and what ways to analyse the data meaningfully depend crucially on the form of the data. For instance, the mean of 2 'strongly agrees' responses, 1 'neither agree/disagree' responses and 3 'moderately disagrees' responses is clearly meaningless, yet we can do that calculation once the terms are translated into numbers.

We shall explore this covering such ideas as nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scales, parametric versus nonparametric statistics, and meaningful statistical modelling.

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Date: 26th September 2013

Time: 12-2pm

Venue: Wolfson Research Exchange Room 3

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Catering provided: Packed Lunch, tea & coffee provided

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