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Career Pathways Project


A pilot project was undertaken earlier this academic year with Research Active Staff (RAS). RAS are staff on research, academic or teaching contracts. The RAS were interviewed by an external person, who had a set of questions that all RAS were asked. The purpose of the pilot project was to find out more about the career pathways of RAS at Warwick University and to find out about the learning & development support that they had received & that they need. We also asked them about top tips they would offer a ‘younger’ self and also advice hey would give other RAS colleagues. The RAS showed eclectic career pathways prior to becoming a RAS at Warwick. The project interviewed 13 RAS. 3 males & 10 female staff. The staff were both from both an international or national backgrounds. The RAS were from a range of disciplines and represent 9 different departments. The job titles included; Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, Principal Research Fellow, Senior Teaching Fellow, Principal Teaching Fellow, Assistant & Associate Professor.

Quotes form the RAS interviewed

What would your top tips be to a “younger you”

Any other advice you have for RAS and any other suggestions or comments?