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Develop Your Infographic

A day of two halves, this is an opportunity for delegates to develop and create an infographic that they are currently working on. As the content of this workshop involves the practical application of the principles explored in the workshop 'Introduction to Infographics' it is a requirement that delegates have completed that workshop.

How the day will be structured:

Morning: Peer Review
In the first half of the day delegates will review their own work with peers, and have the opportunity to revise it.

Delegates should arrive with a fully fleshed out brief and sketch.

The brief is informed by the delegates story, the data or information they will be working with and where it's going to be published.

The visual needs to be no further developed than a sketch at this stage. However, please also bring along any reference material that has inspired your data.

Afternoon: Practical Tools
In the afternoon delegates will have the opportunity to create the infograhpic they have developed during the morning.

To ensure delegates make the best of the time available they should use software that is already loaded onto their laptop and ensure they are acquainted with a basic level at least. PowerPoint is the obvious choice.

Who should attend
The workshop is recommended for Research Active Staff (Research, Academic and Teaching terms and conditions) who have already attended the 'Introduction to Infographics' full day workshop. We do not accept applications from postgraduates or Research Students. Students should refer to the Student Career and Skills website for details of workshops designed specifically to meet their needs.

Workshop Objectives

  • Defining a story of delegates infographics
  • Choosing the right material to work with
  • Optimising your infographic for where it's going to be published
  • Creating your infographic using familiar tools

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Developed their own infographics
  • Improved understanding of the steps involved in creating an infographic
  • Practical application of knowledge about infographics.

Is there anything else I need to know
In order to attend this workshop delegates will need to have:

  • attended the 'Introduction to Infographics' workshop
  • a brief for delegates infographic including it's story, relevant data/information and knowledge of where it's going to be published.
  • a sketch of your idea, and any related reference material that might have inspired delegates
  • a laptop with the software already loaded on it that delegates intend to use to build their infographic. You must already be familiar with the software that they have chosen. Powerpoint is recommended. If you are using another package other than PowerPoint please advise Lulu Pinney (workshop organiser) ahead of the day.




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    See Campus Map

    Parking is limited, early arrival is strongly recommended. Those with a University of Warwick staff parking permit can park in Argent Court car park and do not need to use the pay and display.



    Any Questions:
    Workshop Content
    Sandy Sparks
    Learning and Development Centre


    Lulu Pinney
    Freelance Infographic designer and designer.

    Workshop Arrangements:
    Jane Cooper
    Learning and Development Centre
    Ext: 24893

    To Apply

    If you would like to register your interest in future workshops please use the link below. NB: Delegates must have completed the 'Introduction to Infographics' workshop.

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