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Writing Effective Public Engagement Funding/Grant Applications

Whether it's for a main research grant application or a particular Public Engagement pot, funders are looking for high quality and well thought out Public Engagement plans and applications.

This session has been designed to get learners to explore how's best to understand and complete PE funding applications in a way that will increase their chances of success.

Who should attend?
PhD, ECR and senior academics who have completed the 'Beginners Guide to PE' session or Moodle. University of Warwick Research Active Staff (Research-focussed, Teaching-focussed and Research & Teaching contracts) and PhD Students.

This workshop enables delegates to understand:

Come along to this session and get more information on:

  • understanding a Public Engagement grant application - language, guidance, etc
  • structuring a grant application - how best to answer the questions and 'lay out' the application
  • effective/impactful project description - to explain exactly what you want to do, why, and making it SMART
  • realistic timings, costings and resources required

Please note: you must have completed the 'Beginners Guide to PE' training before attending this session.

Led by:

Dr. Lesley Paterson, Engagement, Evaluation and Communications (University of Oxford)

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* After the workshop there is the optional opportunity to 'Network' for an additional hour.


Friday 28 February 2020

10.00 - 13.00

AC01 (Argent Court)

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Any questions?

Workshop content:

Alison Phillips
Engagement Co-ordinator


Workshop arrangements:
Jane Cooper
Administrative Assistant, Organisational Development
Ext: 24893