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Involving and Engaging Patients and Public in Health Research - PPIE

Health research is carried out to improve the outcomes of the patient, so why does the patient and public get left out of the development and delivery of research?

This session will give you some key information about it is important to involve patients and the public in the development and delivery of health research, and how you can start to change your practice to include patients and the public more.

Who should attend?
PhD, ECR and senior academics, health clinicians and practitioners, University of Warwick Research Active Staff (Research-focussed, Teaching-focussed and Research & Teaching contracts) and PhD Students.

This workshop enables delegates to understand:

  • what is patient and public involvement and engagement?
  • the drivers, values and motivations that underpin involvement and engagement
  • key policy initiatives
  • understanding key concepts such as co-production
  • understanding what good PPIE practice looks like
  • exploring PPIE in complex areas
  • developing your own involvement and engagement practice

This is part 1 of 2 sessions on PPIE

Led by:

Professor Sophie Staniszweska, WMS

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Tuesday 10 March 2020

09.30 - 12.30

WMS - MTC 0.04/06

Any questions?

Alison Phillips
Engagement Co-ordinator


Workshop arrangements:
Jane Cooper
Administrative Assistant, Organisational Development
Ext: 24893