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Sim-Uni Workshop


Universities employee 1000s of people in 100s of different job roles and juggle millions of pounds of income and costs. These huge organisations deal with different and sometimes competing priorities such as student experience, teaching & learning and research.

This workshop takes you on a journey to discover the big picture about running a successful University – giving you an experience of strategic decision making, problem solving and collaboration.

In this workshop you will work in a team to run a virtual university where you have to negotiate, work together and think strategically. You will be divided into teams that take on different roles in the game, i.e. different functions of a university: research, teaching, admin and support. Working together with common purpose you will need to work out how to successfully integrate of the different functions of a university – to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Ultimately you and your team mates will use (and hone) all your skills in collaboration, influencing, decision making, effective communication & negotiation, problem solving, strategic thinking, behavioural dynamics and team working to make the virtual university a success…. or….


Sim-uni is a computer-based collaborative learning simulation (resource management game) that is used as a training aid within an interactive workshop. It has been developed in a partnership between Pixel Fountain and The University of Manchester.

Sim-uni is based on a tried and tested approach that has been used successfully in over 450 workshops to train more than 6,500 people.

Sim-uni promotes big picture thinking, understanding of cause & effect, breaking down silos and develops soft skills & effective decision making. These skills have lasting benefits - transforming people & processes, student experience and reputation.

Workshop Objectives

  • Working Together – an enjoyable and meaningful activity giving staff the opportunity to talk and share, building relationships and exploring different experiences, approaches and ideas.
  • Communication & Influencing Skills – to improve and enhance skills in of communication, dialogue influencing and negotiation skills.
  • Decision Making – to improve and enhance decision making skills particularly strategic thinking – including mindset, unconscious bias, balancing options and risk taking.

The Process

The Sim-Uni Workshop is being piloted by CCSG on 16 March 2017.

This is in response to the Pulse survey and developing increasing links between CCSG & the Academy. This simulation workshop enables staff to have a more integrated understanding of how the simulation University works and staff will be able to apply their learning to the University of Warwick.

There are 40 places of which 25 will be offered to CCSG staff and the remaining 15 places staff from various academy & professional service will be invited. Each CCSG team are asked to inform staff, grade 6 – 9, who are interested to put themselves forward to be considered ie complete the nomination form

Staff complete the nomination form with the support of their line manager/ supervisor.

We aim to ensure a diversity of attendees.

The closing date for nomination is Thursday 22 February 2018

Successful applicants will be informed by Thursday 1 March 2018.

You need to be able to attend the whole day.

There is no pre-work

Led by:
Co-facilitated by Sandy Sparks, Learning and Development Adviser, University of Warwick and Paul Ladley, Developer, Pixel Foundation.

(PDF Document)Sim-Uni Report
Report by Sandy Sparks, Learning and Development Consultant, Learning and Development Centre, University of Warwick
May 2017


Thursday 15 March 2018

9am - 5pm
(Refreshments available from 8.30am, lunch will be provided)

AC02/03, Argent Court

See campus map


Any questions?

Workshop content:
Sandy Sparks Sandra dot Sparks at warwick dot ac dot uk Learning and Development Centre. Ext: 74121

Workshop arrangements:
Jane Cooper researcherqueries at warwick dot ac dot uk Learning Development Centre. Ext: 24893


To Apply 

Please complete the nomination form below - deadline 22 February 2018.
Nomination Form