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Folk Society

The University of Warwick Folk Society brings together music and dance and a whole lot of fun!

Formed in 2001, the society quickly established itself and won the Student Union's Society Federation "Best new society" award that same year. The band, which performs for ceilidhs is comprised of a great range of instruments, from violins and tin whistles to harmonicas and accordians and absolutely everyone is welcome to join in. It's a great opportunity to learn a new instrument and rehearsals are informal and great fun.

The Folk Society run a number of ceilidhs both on and off campus each term, with Peeping Tom and Rapper displays also making up part of their activities. The lively combination of music and dance for which enthusiasm rather than skill is often the priority makes this a great society for all ages and ability to take part in.


su165b at sunion dot warwick dot ac dot uk