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Free Concert!!!

The University of Warwick Music Centre hosts its annual Free Concert 2009 in the newly refurbished Butterworth Hall in the Warwick Arts Centre on 13th October at 7.45pm.

Freshers, existing students and members of staff who play instruments are all welcome to come and participate in the concert. There are rehearsals beforehand:

Symphony Orchestra: 1st Rehearsal - Tuesday 6th October 2009 7pm - 9.40pm in the New Space, Warwick Arts Centre. 2nd Rehearsal Monday 12th October 7pm - 9.40pm in the New Space, Warwick Arts Centre.

Wind Orchestra: 1st Rehearsal - Friday 9th October 6pm - 8.30pm in the Ensemble Room, Music Centre, Warwick Arts Centre. 2nd Rehearsal Monday 12th October 6pm - 7pm in the New Space, Warwick Arts Centre.


If you would like to take part it couldn't be simpler! Just turn up to any of the above rehearsals depending on which ensemble you would like to play with (you can play with both, lots of people do!!). You will need to bring your own instrument (unless it's something like a contrabassoon or a baritone sax...we can generally provide these - but do email us on to warn us if you can!) and for the performance you'll need to have black shirts, trousers and shoes (for the men) and black tops, trousers/skirts and shoes (for the women).

Don't forget to invite all your friends as well - it's free to take part in but importantly it's also free to watch!! They can get tickets from the Arts Centre Box Office right up until the start of the concert but it's first come first served!

The Symphony Orchestra will be playing:

  • Pomp & Circumstance Marches No.1 & No.4 - Edward Elgar
  • "Nimrod" from Enigma Variations - Edward Elgar
  • Greensleeves - Ralph Vaughan Williams

The Wind Orchestra will be playing:

  • 633 Squadron - Ron Goodwin
  • The Dambusters March - Eric Coates

As you can see it's a British themed evening, it should last around an hour and will be brilliant fun!