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Standard fine tariffs for 2022-23

The University seeks to ensure its values are embedded in a way which supports an inclusive and dynamic culture that creates the conditions for our students and staff to succeed. The responsibilities and associated rights of members of the Warwick community are set out in further detail in the University's Dignity at Warwick Policy and are standards of behaviour which are particularly important for those living within the residential community.

Acts of misconduct are investigated and all disciplinary cases are considered on their merits. Those found guilty of misconduct may be subject to penalty which may include a fine. Fine tables give an indication of the normal rate which authorised members of the University may apply where a fine is levied. These rates are for guidance only and fines may vary depending on the circumstances of each individual case. The fines listed in the tables are not comprehensive but give an indication of the level of fine which may be applied.

Where there is a repeat offence then more severe penalties may be levied in accordance with disciplinary procedures. Regulation 27 outlines the procedure and circumstances that appeals against fines will be considered.

Some major incidents may require further referral by the Residential Community Team to the Registrar for consideration under Regulation 23 (on student disciplinary offences) or Regulation 36 (on continuation of registration).

Students are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of anyone they invite into halls.

All money raised from fines under Regulation 27 will be used to provide support for students via the University's hardship funds.

Please refer to the standard fine tariff guidance on behavioural offences and health and safety offences. These fine tariffs are reviewed annually.