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Warwick Scientific Services

We can help you:

  • Understand your materials, products and systems

  • Improve their performance

  • Increase your competitiveness

In these areas:

  • New technologies and product innovation
  • Process control and improvement
  • Materials and energy efficiency
  • Failure investigation
  • Supply chain development

With expert knowledge

Our dedicated experts assist with running your experiments and provide substantial add-on business value in:

  • Testing, analysis and verification of results
  • Interpretation and support
  • Contract or collaborative research opportunities
  • Consultancy including support with funding, grants, knowledge transfer partnerships and all aspects of business optimisation
  • Bespoke training

Professor Alison RodgerOur research knowledge and technical expertise, supported by high-spec instrumentation, unique to Warwick, will provide a needed service to industry and create dynamic collaborative research opportunities. Professor Alison Rodger, Director of Warwick Centre for Analytical Sciences, Professor of Biophysical Chemistry, and Director of MOAC Doctoral Training Centre

Photo of Solar panels

£3.4m research to enable visionary tech powerful enough to cool the sun’s surface

Major cross-disciplinary programme combining unversity and industry research programme into how nano‐scale engineering flow systems can help respond to global health, transportation, energy and climate challenges over the next 40 years