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Central Timetabling Office

The Web Room Bookings system for Centrally Timetabled rooms is open for 2021/22 bookings.

Rooms and Spaces

The University has around 200 centrally bookable teaching rooms and there are many more department managed rooms and specialist/performance spaces around campus. The room and spaces information in this section will help you to choose a suitable space for your activity.

Timetable Reports 21/22

Screenshot of the Timetable reports

Details of where you can find your personalised timetable.

Your personalised timetable will be available once you have registered for your modules. Find out how to create and access your personalised timetable for all your classes.

See the details of available study space

Book a Room 21/22

Use our Web Room Booking (WRB) system to request a room booking. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible and you will receive confirmation that you booking has been made.

What you should know before you book a room. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before making a booking.

If you have a visiting guest speaker you will need to complete the External Speaker Form