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Working Securely: Introducing Workspace

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Introducing Workspace - secure, virtual access

What is Workspace?

Workspace is a new secure online service at Warwick that will allow authorised users to access Warwick systems and data remotely. Using it, you will be able to access and work on standard web-based ITS software. This new service is currently being trialled by a small department and some individual users. Once the pilot is complete, we can make the service more widely available to staff who need to work from home on a privately-owned device. We hope to be able to do this within the next month. Remote access to a managed desktop is a very useful service for staff working remotely on private computer devices - it will keep all your University data separate and secure. We recommend everyone working on private devices make use of Workspace when they’re working with University data.

How does it work? is a virtual desktop accessed through a web browser. Once you’ve logged in, you will have a secure window onto a simplified Warwick desktop. You don’t need to register or download any software or change any settings on your own device. It works straight from your browser window – and will run on any platform, including Mac and Linux.

What can I access?

Via your web browser you'll be able to access Office applications, email and calendar activities; access files and documents, use SuccessFactors and Tabula. You'll be able to work using most of the commonly-needed Office tools – such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint; also Teams and SharePoint.

Who should use it?

Initially, this service will be available to those using a privately-owned device for University staff working from home – those who cannot use a University-owned device. You won't be able to access just yet. We're preparing more information and a short video to show how it works to share with you shortly. In time, additional applications and more users will be able to access the service. In the meantime, for any other questions, you can contact the Helpdesk.

Security & Information Management is Everyone's Responsibility

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