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In Conversation With ... Series

We are looking to develop a series - ‘In conversation with …’ - with colleagues from the LGBTQUA+ community. This will be an opportunity to share our stories, reflect on our personal journeys and lived experiences, talk about what is good at Warwick from an LGBTQUA+ perspective, what is improving and where we feel more still needs to be done.

The series will be shared in the ED&I newsletter and on the ED&I webpages, it is hoped we will gather enough stories to share monthly content with will be linked to key awareness days, resources, training etc.

If you would like to share your story please complete the form below, providing as much detail as you are happy to do.

December Content Focus - Supporting LGBTQUA+ Communities in Sport for Rainbow Laces Day - 8th December 2021.

(Stonewall Lace Up and Speak Up)

Over one million people have laced up in support of LGBTQ+ equality. But something’s still tied up in knots.
Large parts of the LGBTQ+ community still feel unwelcome at sporting events.
Reluctant to participate. Uncomfortable to spectate. Nervous to truly be their true selves.
But just think.

How much stronger would we be if we supported as one unified force, instead of turning on our own?

Sport is for all, so everyone is welcome, free from discrimination. Rainbows raised the awareness. Now it’s time to find your voice.
Think about someone you know in the LGBTQ+ community. How can we all make every person feel welcome?
Lace up. Make sport everyone’s game.

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