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Reach your

Performance badminton team

Join the elite, push past your limits and exceed both athletically and academically with the University of Warwick performance badminton team.

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  • Individualised flexible program delivered around your academic needs
  • Daily on court group sessions
  • Personalised technical and tactical session
  • Skill development multi shuttle session
  • Regular tactical match play


  • Badminton specialised strength and conditioning program
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Detailed nutritional plans
  • Sport psychology
  • One to one mentorship
  • Badminton specific testing and monitoring

Performance training

  • Five days a week on court, with 7.00am starts before lectured begin
  • Evening match play sessions
  • Two strength and conditioning sessions per week


  • Seven BUCS Teams (four men & three women)
  • Mens 1 – Premier North (Top Division)
  • Womens 2 – Premier North (Top Division
  • Mens 2 & Womens 2 – Midlands Tier 1
  • BUCs Nationals


  • Train to become a certified UKCC coach and enhance your leadership skills
  • Coach the team and develop your communication
  • Become a member of the committee and learn how to manage people
  • Join our marketing team and produce creative content

External opportunities

  • Yonex All England is in the local region
  • Competitive tournament structure through Badminton England
  • Play in one of the many local leagues
  • Coach at local clubs
  • Enhance your work profile through our coaches professional badminton networks

About the coach

Nic Strange

  • Full-time UKCC Level 3 Coach
  • Over 10 years experience
  • Delivered programs at three universities
  • MSc Sport Coaching
  • Competed internationally
  • Represented Wales at the Commonwealth Games 2014
  • Team Jamaica Head Coach Commonwealth Games 2022

The badminton program in Warwick has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. The Mens and Womens team now compete in the Premier division which is the highest level of competition in the UK.

We have developed a performance badminton program which provides students with the opportunity and flexibility to access regular on court sessions alongside valuable support from strength and conditioning, physio, sport psychology amongst others.

We believe that this program will aid athletes in the development of their badminton careers and thus help them reach their full potential"

Nic Strange, Head Coach