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Couch 2 5k course

Couch 2 5k [kouch-too-5k]

noun a running course designed to get you off the couch and gradually work you up to running 5K in eight weeks.

Is equipment provided?

All sessions of your course include:

  • Instructor led learning from experienced coaches
  • Access to showers and other facilities
  • Reflective headbands will be provided in winter

What should I bring?

To get the most from your course:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and a decent pair of running shoes
  • Make sure you bring a drink along
  • Dress for the weather

Suitable for:

  • Everyone - all abilities are welcome as you go at your own pace and own speed
  • Anyone new to running looking for a structured plan, progressively building up fitness and stamina throughout the course to run 5k
  • Although this course is designed for all abilities, the general fitness level of the participants can vary quite considerably, and some will find it easier than others to reach their goal by the end of the course, whether that is to just keep running throughout the final 30 minute session, or maybe to complete a full 5K in 30 minutes

What you'll learn:

  • The correct way to warm up and cool down to reduce the chance of injury (dynamic warm-up stretches and a 5 minute brisk walk to increase the heart rate)
  • Correct running form and technique to maximise potential and reduce the chance of injury
  • To steadily increase the amount of time spent runnning from 90 seconds to 30 minutes, mixed with walking intervals for the first half of the course
  • Second half of the course the running will increase and walking decrease
  • Optional introduction and progression to Coventry Parkrun, and use of running tracker to monitor and compare progress throughout the course
  • Participants are encouraged to repeat the weekly session, or add addititonal fitness training, in their own time to increase general fitness levels

When and where?

Wednesday 9 May – Wednesday 27 June 2018

  • Eight weeks, with one session per week
  • Every Wednesday 5:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Outside Sports Centre (meeting point)

What does it cost?

  8 week course
Members £16.40
Non-members £26.80
University of Warwick staff One WLA voucher

How do I book?

Book your place online in advance or by visiting the Sports Centre.

Book online today