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Football league rules 2021/22

1. Organisation

The League is organised and delivered by Warwick Sport in partnership with the University of Warwick Men’s Football Club. The League will be managed by Eugene DeVille, the Warwick Sport Sports Engagement Officer. The Engagement Officer and the League Activator will have the final say on all matters of the league.

2. Squads

  1. The Captain must register the team to the Warwick Sport leagues.
  2. Teams must have a squad of between 12 and 30 players. Matches will be 11-a-side but if teams are struggling to submit a full squad then the team sizes can be reduced as long as both Captains agree (e.g. Playing 10 on each side). The original squad may be added to throughout the season, up to this limit, with the following provisos:
  3. At least 7 players must be present to start the game.
  4. Players are allowed to play for more than one team, and it is up to the player’s discretion who they play for should the two teams play together.
  5. A points system will operate to restrict the number of University of Warwick Men’s Football Club players that are on the pitch at any time. Up to 18 points in team players may be fielded at any time, with a maximum of 5 team players in total. First team players are classified as 6 points, second as 4, third as 3, and fourth as 2 point.

3. General Rules

  1. Matches will consist of 2 x 30 minute halves on the Westwood 3G Tarkett (unless stated otherwise).
  2. The rules of the International Football Association Board will apply at all times (currently according to the 2021/22 Laws of the Game).
  3. Teams will play each other once during the league phase.
  4. 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.
  5. 48 hour’s notice is required for cancellation or rearrangement of fixtures. If it is not possible for matches to be rearranged this will result in a draw. Cancellations after this deadline will automatically result in a 3-0 win to the opponents.
  6. A team forfeits a game if they fail to turn up to play without adequate notice (see rule 3e). A team that misses more than two games will be penalized by docking 3 points per game (after the second game).
  7. The game shall also be forfeited if the team breaks any of the rules in section 2 above.
  8. A goal should be rewarded to the opponent for each 5 minutes a team is late (up to the referee’s discretion to enforce this) If a team turns up 30 minutes late, they automatically lose the game 3-0 but can continue to play the game as a friendly.
  9. Teams are allowed unlimited substitutes on a rolling basis.
  10. Teams are responsible for providing a match ball.
  11. All captains should strive to provide referees on each given matchday, and repeated failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. Referee schedules will be published the day before each game.

4. Fixtures

  1. Fixtures for the term will be uploaded to the League Lobster.
  2. Results will be entered by the league activator not team captains.
  3. Teams unable to fulfil a fixture must give at least 2 days’ notice to both the league organiser and the opposing team’s captain. Where possible, the league activator will attempt to meet all match reschedule requests. However, in the case of excessive requests, or where a request has already been made at some point earlier during the same season, a new request that cannot be met may result in a match forfeit.
  4. Teams failing to fulfil a fixture without obeying the above procedures will forfeit the match 3-0. For postponements after the notice period, or other rule breaches, penalty appeals will be considered at the discretion of the league organiser.
  5. The date, time and location of a fixture can be changed in agreement between the two Captains. The game must be played within 5 days of the original fixture unless agreed otherwise with the League organiser.

5. Results

  1. Match results should be entered on the relevant League Lobster by the league Activator.
  2. All captains will be invited to the 11-a-side Facebook Football League page once they enter the league. The Facebook group will be used to keep teams, captains and players up to date with any issues relating to the league.
  3. Team captains can invite other players registered in their team to join the group.

6. League Position

League position will be decided on the following basis:

  • Points
  • Goal difference
  • Goals scored
  • Match result

7. Disputes

  1. In the case of a dispute teams should first contact the league organiser.
  2. If there is disagreement with the decision of the organisers, the matter shall be referred to the Warwick Sport Committee, whose ruling is final.

8. Conduct

Should a team, or players from a team, indulge in any actions that are deemed by the organisers to be detrimental to the good spirit of the league, then the organisers are entitled to take whatever action is deemed appropriate. This may include, but is not limited to, suspension of players, loss of points or exclusion from the competition. Such penalties are subject to the approval of the Sports Committee, whose decision is final.

9. League refunds

  1. League refunds will only be issued if Warwick Sport are required to cancel the league for any reason such as another Lockdown occurring whereby it will be impossible to complete the league.
  2. Should Warwick Sport be required to cancel the league for any reason, a refund will be issued on a pro rata basis (amount allocated to each scheduled game) and NOT the initial fee paid upon entry into the league.
  3. Refunds will not be issued for teams failing to attend fixtures at any point during the time allocated for the league.

Covid-19 Guidance

To prevent minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 we request the following.

Prior to leaving your house to take part in the league, all individuals should go through a process of self-screening on a match to match basis. Please check that you:

  • Do not have symptoms of a high temperature (feeling hot, feeling cold, shivers and/or feeling under the weather).
  • Do not have a new or persistent cough.
  • You do not have a loss of taste or smell.
  • You have not been in contact with a person with suspected Covid-19 within the past 14 days.
  • You have not been advised to self-isolate due to a third party from another setting (i.e. school) that has been infected with Covid-19. No one within your household has Covid-19 symptoms as outlined above, which would require the whole household to go into isolation as guided by the UK Government.
  • You have not returned from a foreign country in the last 14 days that the UK Government requires people to quarantine on return – A non-travel bridge as defined by the UK Government.

Once you have successfully gone through the process of self-screening and are able to compete, we ask that you:

  • Arrive at the venue ready to compete. This to avoid congregating in the changing rooms.
  • Maintain social distancing whilst entering the venue.
  • Wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.

During the Game, we ask that you:

  • Maintain social distancing where possible, especially when the shuttle is out of play.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Sanitise your hands at the beginning of each set

After your game has finished we ask that you:

  • Sanitise your hands.
  • Leave the venue maintaining social distancing


If you have any questions on the league contact eugene dot deville at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Good luck and enjoy everyone.