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Sue joined the Sports and Wellness Hub to lose some weight and get fit. Her lack of fitness was affecting other areas of her life.

With the variety of classes available at times to suit her, she has seen great improvement in her fitness in her first six weeks of membership.

Sue's story

"I started my journey at the Warwick Sports and Wellness Hub about six weeks ago.

So my main goals for my fitness journey were to lose some weight and also to get fit.

I do a lot of diving and I went diving in Thailand earlier this year and found that I was really out of breath and unfit so my main goals were really to increase my cardio capability and get a lot fitter.

The Sports Hub has really helped me achieve my goals in that there are classes available at times of the day that I can come to the club on my way to work or on my way home.

The gym is really packed with really great equipment that helps me achieve my goals."


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