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Fabienne Bull | Netball

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Playing netball at national level has forced the development of my perseverance, motivation, competitivity, organisation, communication, and countless other skills.

Committing to a sport you love is a bittersweet endeavour, and it’s often the very challenge that makes the eventual success so rewarding.

I first started playing netball back in primary school, and essentially never stopped. I never initially saw it as a competitive thing; it was just something I enjoyed. As I grew older the level of competition kept increasing, and I kept developing with it until I found myself at a point where the conscious commitment of myself to the sport was required to make selections.

I think that commitment best represents my personal driver of success; playing elite netball was simply making a consistent choice.

I could travel three and a half hours to training, or I could accept I wouldn’t make the short squad. I could get up early for a gym session before college, or I could accept I would struggle in fitness during my next match.

Sometimes these choices are hard; fitness testing on your birthday isn’t exactly preferable, but it’s also extremely satisfying realising you’ve improved and won’t need to test alone next week instead. Team Warwick has made making these choices easier; personalised gym sessions, incredible facilities and a supportive team that is working just as hard as I am means that the decision between training or a lie-in isn’t difficult.

I ruptured my ACL last year whilst competing for Wasps U19s; an injury that requires surgery and a whole year out from sport. Under normal circumstances I would have been devastated, but the support that both Team Warwick coaches and players had to offer meant that I never felt alone. I was able to rehab alongside fellow scholars, with personal Strength and Conditioning and physio access.

This resulted in my recovery being shortened to only 8 months, and I’ve since come back to play for University of Warwick BUCS first team and Central Warriors U21 squad.

Netball is such a social sport, and the connections and friendships I’ve made at university have been invaluable.

Being at Warwick has meant I’ve been able to fully capitalise on both my academic and sporting ambitions. The pressures of balancing elite sport alongside a challenging PPE degree have been entirely mitigated by the team, and I am so grateful for all the opportunities I keep having.

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Sam Davis Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Sam is a content writer and sport enthusiast with a keen interest in football, judo, and hockey.


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