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Justine Sansom | Lacrosse

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I am Justine, a first -year biochemistry student striving to become a research scientist.

I have always been enthusiastic about sports and have grown up trying to stay busy, by having many musical aspirations and playing as many different sports as possible. As I have grown older, I have developed a particular sporting interest in both Netball and Lacrosse.

I am currently a member of the first teams for both sports at University. I am part of the England National Lacrosse U20 team , and I play in the England Premier Division 2 Netball League. Competing in these sports has enriched my life, allowing me to develop crucial skills like teamwork, organisation, and commitment and explore the world.

Sports has built me into the person I am today, helping to grow my personality and setting the core values I live my day-to-day life by.

Some of my lacrosse highlights include competing in the Home International Tournament in Scotland, the England Lacrosse U20 tour to Prague, and the Lacrosse tour to the World Championship in Canada. My netball highlights include multiple national club tournaments and exploring England while playing for various Saracens Mavericks NPL teams.

I value the opportunities I have been given through being a part of the sports scholarship program and the chance to continue competing in sports while also developing my academics at University.

Playing sports at university, with weekly team training and BUCS fixtures, is essential for me to pursue my passions, be sociable, and stay active. I find it exciting to see people that have decided to try a new sport for the first time in university. I love trying to pass on all the knowledge I have gained over my years of playing sports, convincing them to continue coming to training, and I think the friendly atmosphere makes it incredibly easy to do this.

I have already noticed the benefit of the Scholarship Programme at Warwick. The Strength and Conditioning programme and the exceptional sports facilities have improved my athletic performance, and the psychology, nutrition and other support help to enhance my mental health and wellbeing, so I can strive to be a well-rounded individual.

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Sam Davis Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Sam is a content writer and sport enthusiast with a keen interest in football, judo, and hockey.


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