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Physiotherapy Exercise Tutorial

Your Therapist may have prescribed you some exercises. Natasha, our Phyiostherapist Clinical Lead at the Warwick Sport Physiotherapy Clinic, is demonstrating the top rehab and injury prevention exercises.

(Disclaimer: you should seek medical advice and instruction prior to participating in any of the following exercises.)

Foam rollers are now available to purchase at the Physiotherapy Clinic.

Foam Roller Exercises

1) ITB level 1

2) ITB level 2

Increase pressure by lifting both feet off the floor.

3) Foam Roller glute

4) Calf level 1

5) Calf level 2

Increase pressure by crossing leg over leg rolling on.

6) Quad roll

Either legs side by side, or cross the leg you're not folling over the other to apply my pressure.

7) Quad stretch and roll

8) Thoracic self mobilisation

9) Thoracic roll

10) Lat rolling

11) Hamstring level 1

To increase pressure cross leg over rolling leg.

Stretching Exercises

1) Side lying quad stretch

2) Sitting piriformis and glute stretch

3) Lying glute stretch

4) Lying hamstring stretch into neural hamstring stretch

5) Pigeon toed calf stretch

6) 1st ray and plantar fascia stretch

7) Sitting hamstring stretch


Ankle Propioception Exercises

1) Cone/towel slide

2) Balance exercise

Using cones or a towel on a sliding floor stand on one leg and slowly push cones away whilst maintaining balance.

3) Cross hop and holds

4) Mini jumps

5) Two foot to one foot

6) Diagonal hops

7) Movement exercises to cone

8) Unpredicted movement to cone