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Swimming pool

Artist impression of new Coventry swimming pool

A swim with a view

Crystal clear and heated to just the right temperature. Take the plunge into our large 25m swimming pool.

Open to everyone of all abilities and ambitions

25m swimming pool with 12 lanes

Sauna and steam room

Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking woodland

Included for All-inclusive members (Pay as you go available)

Person swimming in large pool

A varied pool programme

Family fun or serious splashing

From your first swimming lesson to the thrills of competitive swimming, we've got a session for you.

Swim how you like in public sessions or stay in lane with competitive swimming. Our flexible pool offers a way for everyone of all skill levels to enjoy the water.

And with a wide range of classes, water sports and aquatic activities available, you can even discover your new favourite way to get wet.

  • Beginner and advanced lessons for children and adults
  • Public sessions and competitive swimming
  • Water activities such as water polo, canoeing and scuba diving.

Learn to swim or how to improve

Lessons for everyone

Get in to the water with lessons for all ages and abilities. Our flexible pool offers a way for everyone of all skill levels to enjoy the water.

Learn the basics of being confident in the pool or improve your abilities to swim better and harder.

Close up of lady swimming

Time your laps

Looking to make sure your swim times are improving? We have cutting edge time-keeping technology in place for bookings for training and competitive events.

Person in wheelchair entering into pool using pool lift

Making swimming accessible for all

A range of easy water access options

With a pool this good, it's only right that everyone gets to enjoy it. We want to make our pool as easily accessible to everyone as possible.

You'll find a range of water-access options so that nobody is left on dry land.

  • Water depth of 2m throughout with movable floor depths
  • Submersible pool lift
  • Pool hoist
  • Walk-in pool steps.

Communal changing village

Get ready in individual, gender neutral changing facilities. Bringing the family? We've got larger sized cubicles that are perfect for everyone to get changed in together.

See the view, or be the view

Woodland views and pool spectator area

Make sure to keep your head above water to take in the beautiful woodland views through our large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Guests and parents also get a perfect vantage point over the pool to watch lessons and competitions in our large seating area.

  • Large windows overlooking woodland views
  • Bursting with natural light
  • 94 seat spectator area overlooking the pool.

View of pool with large windows overlooking woodland

Join today

Jump in to our Coventry swimming pool with a swim and gym membership. Or go all in and get so much more.

Swim membership

Swim Sauna Steam room

£26.00 per month

Inclusive membership

Swim Gym Fitness Classes Tennis Climbing Badminton & squash

Only £49.50 per month

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