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Lizzie Roberts - Ski Racing

Lizzie Robert Headshot

Lizzie Roberts Actionshot

About Lizzie

Lizzie started skiing at the age of three, began racing at the age of ten and has never looked back. Lizzie went to seven schools and lived in Abu Dhabi for almost three years growing up.

“I really enjoy spending time outside, and I love competitive skiing as it can be done both as an indiviudal sport and as a team. For most people throwing yourself at plastic poles isn’t enjoyable but I absolutely love it. Skiing has taught me resilience in the face of adversity, and the importance of dedication and commitment. While most people see the only way as up, for me it’s down. Very quickly. On skis.”

A typical week for Lizzie includes three training sessions at Ackers (a dryslope) and 4 or 5 sessions in the gym. She competes on snow, dryslopes and indoors in snowdomes.

Sporting Highlights

  • 2017 Midlands Round of Dome Series, BUCS Bronze
  • 2017 Kings Finals, 9th
  • 2015 Forerunning School Girls Flaine with Chemmy Alcott (British Olympic Skier)
  • University of Warwick Scholarship Athlete 17/18