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Reporting an incident of Student Misconduct

Report and Support

This tool can be used to report allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Bullying and Harassment, Discrimination and Hate Crimes.

Click here for more information or to report an incident.

Stage 2 Complaints

We receive the majority of our allegations of misconduct via the Complaints team. In cases where allegations include potential breaches of Regulation 23 on Student Discipline or any of its associated policies, a complaint can be raised which is then forwarded through to the Student Discipline team for consideration.

Stage 2 Complaints can be raised here

Incident Reports

Breaches of student discipline can also be reported to us via the Community Safety team. These usually involve incidents of anti-social behaviour, assault, criminal damage, etc. Community Safety can be reached 24 hours a day.

Click here for the Community Safety webpage

Click here for the Community Safety Incident report form

Cheating and Plagiarism

These areas are managed by ICS under Regulation 11

Click here to find out more

The Student Discipline team does however investigate allegations of data breaches, forged documents such as doctor’s notes or transcripts and other related misconduct. These allegations can be reported to us directly from departments by emailing studentdiscipline at warwick dot ac dot uk

Misconduct in halls of residence

Regulation 27 covers on-campus residential accommodation, and is managed by the Head of Residential Community and the Residential Life Team (RLT)

This regulation underpinned by Regulation 23, and any serious misconduct allegations or behaviours that cannot be dealt with by RLT due to their severity will be passed to the Student Discipline team to be investigated under Regulation 23.

Click here to read the student handbook, which details expected student behaviour in residences.

Click here to read how breaches of these expectations are dealt with under Regulation 27.

Click here for contact details of the Residential Community Team

Staff Misconduct

Allegations of misconduct made against staff should be reported to the Human Resources Department (HR)

Click here for further details concerning the Disciplinary Policy for staff members.

Click here of information on Whistleblowing

Click here for information on Grievances