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Staff cards

Most members of staff are issued with a University card. Your card shows your photo, which helps to ensure security on the campus. Trade unions recognised by the University have approved use of the card.

If you are a new member of staff, visit the reception in University House on your first day at Warwick to collect your card.

You can use different photos for your card and your online profile. You can change these photos at any time. Your updated card photo will be used when you have a new card printed. Your updated online photo will appear in various administration systems within 24-48 hours.

Departments are responsible for ensuring that cards are returned to Human Resources when an employee leaves the University.

New and Replacement cards for staff

University House reception
Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm

Senate House reception

During term:
Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday, 10am-6pm

During vacation:
Monday-Sunday, 7am-11pm

IT Accounts

All staff members are automatically allocated an IT Account and an email alias. If you have not yet registered your account please visit the ITS Account registration page to get started.

Accounts may be registered once you are contracted with the University and are available for the length of your employment and will cease to be operational at the end of your contract. Your email address and content cannot be retained after you leave so please ensure that you have everything you need before you leave.