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Documents needed

Different banks will accept different types of documents, so it is important that you check the documents required for your chosen bank account.
These are the most commonly required documents to open a UK student bank account.
  • Proof of identity (ID) and immigration status
    E.g. a passport, UK driver's licence, National ID card and Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Card.
    The ID document usually needs to contain your photo, and most banks will also want to see your BRP card (if you have one) as proof of your immigration permission in the UK. If you're booking an appointment with the bank, it is a good idea to allow yourself enough time to collect your BRP card once you have arrived in the UK, so that you can attend your appointment with your BRP card.
  • Proof of (UK) address
    Many banks will ask for proof of a UK address in order to open a UK bank account.
    E.g. a recent utility bill; bank statement; UK driver's licence (if this was not already used as your proof of identity).
    Some banks will accept a student status letter as proof of your UK address; whereas others may not. Some banks will accept a recent signed tenancy agreement as proof of address, whereas others may not. It is important to check with the bank's e.g. on their web pages to make sure you collect the correct documents.
  • Proof of student status (if you are applying for a student account)
    If you are applying for a Student Account, you may need to download a Student Status LetterLink opens in a new window shortly after enrolment. Alternatively, some banks may accept a Student ID card offered by the University, or a confirmed conditional or unconditional offer letter, or UCAS confirmation of your offer for your course.
    The accepted documents vary between banks, so please check the required documents carefully.
  • UK Phone Number
    Some banks may ask for a UK number as part of the process by verifying the code which will be sent to your phone to open a UK bank account. Go to the Getting a UK mobile phone number page to get more information.
If in doubt, take as many different types of proof as possible, and check with your chosen bank if they will accept your documents.
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