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Digital or international banking solutions

In recent years, many digital banking solutions have become available, which allow you to have an online banking solution and contactless bank card quickly after you open your account online.

Even if this is not a good solution for you in the long term, we recommend arranging it for you to use in your first few weeks to avoid carrying a lot of cashLink opens in a new window (thefts of cash can, and do happen, even to Warwick students!)

Vector image of a bank-style building on a laptop screen

Remember that these tend to be online or telephone services only, so you wouldn't have a local branch to go to or deposit cash into the account.

Below are some links to such providers - please check their terms and conditions carefully to ensure that these banking solutions can meet your needs and that they are regulated by a recognised financial regulatory body (e.g., the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK). If you are concerned about how the banks in your country perceive digital banks as affecting your credit score, please check with them before opening one.

This external website which compares digital bank accounts Link opens in a new windowmay be helpful for you. Remember, other banks are available. Link opens in a new windowSome examples of digital banks are listed below, but there are many options available.

    1. RevolutLink opens in a new window
    2. MonzoLink opens in a new window
The University does not recommend any one account to you.