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Widening Participation Student Network


The Widening Participation Student Network aims to provide current students from widening participation (WP) backgrounds, (undergraduate or postgraduate) the chance to meet peers, to share experiences, find out about opportunities that are available to them and gain insight into a wide variety of topics.

How will I know if I can become a member of the WP Student Network?

As a home student you may fall in to one or more of the categories below.

  • You were eligible for Free School Meals while at secondary school
  • You come from a low socio-economic background where your household income is below £35,001
  • You come from an area with low progression rates to higher education
  • You are in receipt of a Warwick Bursary or other means tested financial support
  • You are a student with disabilities - including seen and unseen disabilities, specific learning differences, mental health difficulties, autistic spectrum disorder or any other disabling condition
  • You are a mature student who entered higher education over the age of 21
  • You have spent time in local authority care, either in a foster home or a group home
  • You are an estranged student who is not supported by their parents
  • You have caring responsibilities - this could include, physical, practical or emotional care
  • Neither of your parents attended university and gained a degree (e.g. BA/BSc or equivalent) - excluding if they were/are a mature student

Get in touch

WPFacultyCoords at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Interested in becoming a member of the Network?

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Widening Participation in Welcome Week

During Welcome Week we're holding an event where you can find out more about the Widening Participation (WP) Student Network, meet fellow students who are from a similar backgrounds, play some games, eat food in a relaxed, informal environment! Come and join us!

The event will be ran and led by our WP Student Network Reps, it’s a great opportunity to ask them questions about their time at Warwick and how they've managed their transition to Uni life.

For further details, check your Welcome Week timetable.