Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Study Happy, Postgraduate Community, Subject Specialists and much more

Whilst our on campus study spaces at the library are operating in a different way, the Study Happy and Postgraduate Community Engagement Team are still here to support you, your study and your wellbeing.

As well as access to the Study Happy and Community Engagement Teams, you can find information about your Academic Support Librarians - subject specialists who can provide help and support with finding information for essays and projects and advice on referencing. Check out our library associates scheme and find out more on our website.

The Library in Welcome Week

The Library will be holding a number of events during Welcome Week including a new Library Online Lounge.

The Library Team will be available via a Live Chat on Monday 28th September 1pm - 5pm to answer any of your Library questions. Details of how to sign up are available via your Welcome Week Timetable.

The Library Online Lounge (LOL!) Microsoft Teams group offers you the opportunity to chat to other students, access support materials and get to know the team here at the library.

LOL! will be open every weekday from 3pm during Welcome Week. Our Library Online Lounge Platform will be monitored throughout so drop in for a chat with us or one of your peers. You can ask us questions about the library or the team. Find out more here.

Tea & Chat will be held in the Global Connections Community in Microsoft Teams, which you can also use to connect with other students outside of the organised event times. Grab a drink and join us for a chat around a variety of topics! Find out more here.

Mindfulness practice is a great way to develop tools to help you remain calm, sustain your attention, and be able to focus during stressful times in your student life, as well as enjoy the positive experiences.

This introductory workshop will showcase some of the basic techniques and the will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn about further support and resources available. Find out more here.

Get started using your Library. Join us for a short Q & A to find out more about the Library, and get an introduction to our services. Find out more here.

Are you self-isolating on arrival?

If you are self-isolating on arrival take a look at the welcome activities we have on offer before Welcome Week begins. We hope that these activities will help you stay connected. You'll find more information about our events in your personalised Welcome Week Timetable.

Are you a Postgraduate Student?

The Postgraduate Community Engagement Team are dedicated to providing you with support, facilities and development opportunities. We’ll connect you to your postgraduate community through social, cultural and academic events to ensure you make the most of your time at Warwick.

If you want to get in touch, email us at

Our team will be holding specific events for Postgraduate students. You can access these before, during and beyond Welcome Week.

Virtual PG Drop in (PG Tips)

Join us online to meet other Warwick Postgraduates and the Library's Community Engagement Team. Bring your own hot drink and dial in for some tips! Mentors from our online mentorship platform ( are on hand to answer questions at our informal PG Tips drop in sessions. Find out more here.

Virtual PG Drop in (Research Refresh)

Join us online to meet other Warwick Postgraduate Researchers and PhD students. Bring your own hot (or cold) drink and dial in for some tips! Find out more here.

Postgrad Realities

Starting life as a postgraduate student can be very exciting, but also quite daunting. You will be delving deep into your own research, working closely with one or more supervisors, and networking within your field of study at seminars and conferences. You will also need to use your self-motivation and self-discipline to be able to balance your workload with other responsibilities and demands.

Postgrad Realities is a set of online modules produced by the Library and Wellbeing Support Services to provide you with the tools you'll need to tackle the twists and turns of your PhD and help you reach your full potential. Find out more here.