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Energy and Sustainability Team

Fast growing rooftop PV project in action

The Energy and Sustainability Team is your partner in making a positive impact on the environment. We're dedicated to raising awareness and taking action to reduce our carbon emissions and overall environmental impact. In 2019, the University declared a Climate Emergency and set targets to minimise our ecological footprint.

From the energy we use to how we travel, what we consume and how we manage waste, every choice matters. Our team collaborates across the University to foster a culture of responsibility and sustainability.

Bikes to hire on campus

Get Involved

  • Sustainability + You: Discover the significance of sustainability within our university community
  • Ethical Guide: Explore practical tips for sustainable living on and off campus
A group of students and children on a month hunt

Become a Green Champion

Join forces with like-minded individuals by becoming a Green Champion and getting involved in sustainability initiatives, raising awareness, and identifying opportunities to create a more sustainable environment. As a Green Champion, you will receive regular newsletters and learn about our events such as litter picks, biodiversity walks and the reStore repair caf├ęs which also earn you points toward the Warwick Award!

CUT THE FLOW logo, the L is a battery and the O is a water droplet.

Cut the Flow Competition

Participate in our energy and water-saving competition - Cut the Flow. This not only helps you prepare for off-campus living but also offers a chance to win a prize at the end of each term. Ready to lead the way? Email us at to become a Cut the Flow Ambassador to assist others in reducing their consumption.