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Tereza Jermanova

I am a doctoral candidate at the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. My research interests include democratisation, constitution-making, the politics of the Middle East and North Africa, and qualitative methods. I hold my MA in North African Politics (distinction) from the University of Exeter, and before that I studied politics at the Charles University in Prague and the Sciences Po in Paris. I am also a research fellow with a Czech-based think tank, where I currently serve as editor of an annual volume assessing Czech foreign policy. My previous roles involved organisation of a training for Egyptian journalists in 2011 and coordination of an education project aimed at raising awareness about citizens’ rights in the EU in 2013-2014. In 2014, I was an intern at the Middle East and North Africa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. I have been visiting Tunisia and Egypt regularly since 2012 for research and studying Arabic (MSA and Egyptian dialect). My doctoral studies and the field research have been supported by the Chancellor’s Scholarship of the University of Warwick, the Marguerite Ross Barnett Fund grant, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the American Political Science Association. I am also Associate Tutor for the first year undergraduate course 'Contemporary Themes in Comparative Politics' taught at the University of Warwick.

Doctoral research

My doctoral thesis focuses on the politics of constitution-making in Egypt and Tunisia after the 2011 uprisings. In particular, I explore how and under what conditions different processes of constitution-making are put in place during democratisation, and ask whether and through what mechanisms inclusive constitution-making may help attaining the agreement on new constitutions among former opposition groups. Among other sources, my research builds on original elite interviews conducted during several rounds of fieldwork in Cairo and Tunis between 2014 and 2016. The thesis speaks to democratisation literature and the burgeoning body of scholarship on constitution-making, as well as to the practical concerns in the policy community regarding the 'best practices' in making constitutions.

Research Interests

Comparative politics; democratisation; democratic transitions; constitution-making; process tracing; Arab uprisings; Tunisia; Egypt.

Work in progress

Jermanová, Tereza. “Before constitution-making: The struggle for constitution-making design in post-revolutionary Egypt.” Currently under review with Acta Politica.
Presented at the 2016 APSA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia (September 2016), the “After the Uprisings: The Arab World in Freefall, Fragmentation or Reconfiguration?” conference at the University of Princeton (March 2016), and the Oxford Nuffield College Postgraduate Conference (May 2016).

Jermanová, Tereza. "Constitution-making and democratization: Building trust and agreement in Tunisia." Prepared for publication in Democratization.

Blog posts

"Little pink notebook, or fragments of my manic fieldwork adventures." Field Research Method Lab at LSE.

"The Nobel Peace Prize Reminds Tunisians of the Limits of their Revolution." Politics Reconsidered.

Teaching experience

Seminar tutor for the first year undergraduate course 'Contemporary Themes in Comparative Politics' (University of Warwick, Spring term 2017).

Guest Lecture: "Arab Uprisings: Regimes and Revolutions," Charles University in Prague, March 2018.

Guest Lecture: "Protests, Revolutions, and Democratization," University of Warwick, February 2017.

Awards and scholarships

Marguerite Ross Barnett Fund Grant, Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs and APSA, in support of fieldwork in Tunisia, 2016-2017

PSA Overseas Conference Grant, in support of attending the 2016 APSA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, 2016

‘Best Paper’ Award, PSA Graduate Network Conference, June 2015

APSA MENA Alumni Research Grant, Carnegie Corporation of New York and APSA, in support of fieldwork in Tunisia, 2014-2015

PhD Chancellor’s Scholarship of the University of Warwick, 2014-2018

Graduate research grant of the Charles University in Prague, in support of fieldwork in Cairo and Tunis, 2014

Tom Fattorini’s Award ‘Best performance in an MA Programme’, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, 2013

Prince Al Waleed Scholarship, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, in support of fieldwork in Cairo, 2013

Selected conferences

APSA Annual Meeting, September 2016, Philadelphia

Oxford Nuffield College Postgraduate Conference, May 2016, University of Oxford

"After the Uprisings: The Arab World in Freefall, Fragmentation or Reconfiguration?", March 2016, University of Princeton (co-organized by Bobst Center for Peace and Justice, POMEPS and AUB)

Early Career Middle Eastern Studies Research Network (MESnet) workshop, October 2015, University of Exeter

PSA Graduate Network Conference, University of Sheffield, June 2015

APSA MENA Workshop "States in Transition, Constitutional Engineering and Political Science Research", February-June 2014, a series of workshops and methods training for early career researches, Cairo and Tunis

Relevant research, teaching, and language training

Process Tracing Methodology II - Evidence and Empirical Testing in Practice (with Derek Beach), August 2016, ECPR Summer School in Methods, Budapest

Short courses in process tracing and in combining process tracing with QCA (with Derek Beach and Ingo Rohlfing), 2016 APSA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia

Short course in process tracing (with Andrew Bennett), March 2016, LSE

Introduction to Teaching and Learning in the Higher Education, December 2015, University of Warwick

Constitution-building in Africa summer school, July 2015, two-weeks workshop bringing together academics and practitioners, organized by the International IDEA and the Central European University

Two-week introductory training in STATA and quantitative methods, 2014, APSA MENA Workshop, Cairo and Tunis

Two-term-long Arabic module, Arabic for beginners II (distinction), 2012-2013, University of Exeter

Egyptian Arabic Dialect Course, June 2013, La lingua araba per tutti Language School, Cairo

Modern Standard Arabic Language Course, June-July 2012, Drayah Language Center, Cairo


Tereza Jermanova

T dot Jermanova at warwick dot ac dot uk


Dr Renske Doorenspleet

Dr Nicola Pratt


Constitution-making during democratisation: A comparative analysis of Egypt and Tunisia after the 2010/11 uprisings