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Navid Alemi Koohbanani


I am Ph.D. student studying at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick. I am part of Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) Lab leading by prof Nasir Rajpoot.

My research interests are:

  1. Medical Image Analysis
  2. Deep Learning for Cancer image analytics
  3. Computational Pathology

At the moment, my research is Cancer diagnosis Analytics using Deep Learning.

supervisor: Prof. Nasir Rajpoot


  • Koohbanani, Navid Alemi, et al. "Significance of Hyperparameter Optimization for Metastasis Detection in Breast Histology Images." Computational Pathology and Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis. Springer, Cham, 2018. 139-147.
  • Koohababni, N. A., Jahanifar, M., Gooya, A., & Rajpoot, N. (2018, September). Nuclei Detection Using Mixture Density Networks. In International Workshop on Machine Learning in Medical Imaging (pp. 241-248). Springer, Cham.
  • Awan, R., Koohbanani, N. A., Shaban, M., Lisowska, A., & Rajpoot, N. (2018, June). Context-Aware Learning Using Transferable Features for Classification of Breast Cancer Histology Images. In International Conference Image Analysis and Recognition (pp. 788-795). Springer, Cham.
  • Graham, S., Shaban, M., Qaiser, Koohbanani, N. A, T., Khurram, S. A., & Rajpoot, N. (2018, March). Classification of lung cancer histology images using patch-level summary statistics. In Medical Imaging 2018: Digital Pathology (Vol. 10581, p. 1058119). International Society for Optics and Photonics.
  • Asl, M. E., Koohbanani, N. A., Frangi, A. F., & Gooya, A. (2017). Tracking and diameter estimation of retinal vessels using Gaussian process and Radon transform. Journal of Medical Imaging, 4(3), 034006.
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Navid Alemi Koohbanani

n dot alemi-koohbanani at warwick dot ac dot uk