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Marta Natalia Wroblewska


Hi, welcome to my ePortfolio.

My name is Marta Natalia Wróblewska and I am a doctoral researcher in the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) at the University of Warwick.

I have a background in Philosophy and Applied Linguistics. Currently my main area of interest is Discourse Analysis. I am working on a Phd thesis on the discursive construction of the notion of 'impact' in the Research Excellence Framework (REF). I am interested in questions related to academic assessment, quantification in peer-review, the relationship between the Impact Agenda and academic ethos, public engagement of scientists and the role of Social Sciences and Humanities in society.

I am Polish and this is how my last name is pronounced: Vroo-blev'–ska (or vru’blɛvska, in IPA, for all the phonetics fans out there).

Both my first and last name are very common in Poland, so in a professional context I tend to use also my middle name.

Research Detail

Current research

In my PhD project I investigate the discursive construction of the notion of 'impact' within the REF 2014. I am interested in how a new theoretical concept is introduced via policy documents and than reappropriated and used by the agents involved in the evaluation process. I also wish to look at the concept of 'impact' as a potential means of empowering the Social Sciences and Humanities. The theoretical underpinnings of my research include concepts from the realm of philosophy (Foucault's notions of 'problematisation' and 'governmentality', Antonio Gramsci's 'linguistic hegemony'), sociology (Michèle Lamont's input into Sociology of Valuation and Evaluation) and Applied Linguistics (conceptualisations of genre and rhetorical moves).

My thesis is supervised by Johannes Angermuller and Malcolm MacDonald from CAL Warwick and funded by the ERC DISCONEX project.

Academic background

I hold a BA in Italian Studies and two MAs: in Applied Linguistics and Philosophy. All of these were issued by my dear Alma Mater - University of Warsaw.

I have also studied at Universidad Complutense in Madrid (as an Erasmus exchange student) and completed an internship with Brunel University, London (in the framework of Erasmus Placements).

Professional background

Before starting my PhD at CAL I was involved in a wide range of professional activities requiring linguistic expertise: I worked as a language teacher (Italian and English), editor of manuals and study aids (including flashcards featuring English slang or popular movie quotes), and as a translator. So far, I have translated seven books (from French and Italian), including several best-selling novels and a monograph on philosopher Jürgen Habermas. I also translated fairy tales by Antonio Gramsci, and journal articles by intellectuals such as Toni Negri. The translation I enjoyed working on the most was Robert Louis Stevenson's 'The Apology for Idlers'.

I contributed book reviews and comments on current developments in the political and media discourse to a number of Polish paper and online journals (Przekrój, Res Publica Nowa, Bez Dogmatu, among others). I listed most of my academic publications (as of 2014) here.

Languages spoken

Polish Native

English Proficient

Italian Proficient

French Good

Grants, scholarships, projects

  • 2500€ – Short Term Scientific Mission – mobility grant from EU Cost (ENRESSH) – in cooperation with Research Council of Norway – 11-12.2018
  • 2500€ – Short Term Scientific Mission – mobility grant from EU Cost (ENRESSH), in cooperation with Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHEPS) University of Twente, Netherlands – 07-08.2018
  • 42,700£ Doctoral scholarship ERC (within the ERC DISCONEX project on "The Discursive Construction of Academic Excellence") – 10.2014-09.2017

Prizes, awards

  • First prize for poster “Rethinking Research Impact Assessment: A Multidimensional Approach” in poster competition implemented under the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council conference on 'Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda – Valuation of SSH in mission-oriented research', award of €1000 donated by the Vienna based Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), Vienna, (together with co-authors Sergio Manrique & Bradley Good)

Conferences & Workshops

Attended & presented


  • (2018) "Impact evaluation in Norway and in the UK. A progressive change in academic culture and discourse?". Talk for employees of Research Council of Norway (RCN), Oslo, 11.12.2018
  • (2018) "Writing about research impact – a new a new academic challenge. A view from linguistics". Talk for employees of Research Council of Norway (RCN), Oslo, 07.11.2018
  • (2018) "Impact Case Study – a new academic genre. A view from linguistics". Talk for Impact and Public Engagement Team, Warwick University, 01.10.2018
  • (2018) “The Impact Agenda – a view from philosophy and linguistics”. Lunchtime seminar at Center for Higher Education Policy Studies at Twente University (NE), 24.07.2018
  • (2018) ”C’est le métier qui rentre” – on learning and teaching a new academic value, on 12.06.2018, at « Les chercheurs et leurs pratiques : discours, savoirs, pouvoirs"/"Researchers and their practices: discourses, knowledge, power » Journées d’Etude, EHESS Paris (11-12.06.2018)
  • (2018) “Impact assessment in REF 2014 – a view from philosophy and linguistics”, invited talk at ENRESSH Training School "Understanding and stimulating SSH impact and engagement with society", 12-16 February 2018, Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (Croatia)
  • (2017)"What Kind of Creatures have we become? Academic Technologies of the Self in the Context of REF 2014 and the Impact Agenda" on 14.09.2017, at DiscourseNet Congress #2, Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies, Theory and Practice, #DNC2, University of Warwick, 13-15 September 2017 (
  • (2017)“Staging research impact. How academics write and talk about the wider impact of their research in
    the context of REF” at RESSH 2017 –­ Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and Humanities conference at University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • (2017) "Discourse analysis and Higher Education Studies. Three approches and one example" ("Analiza Dyskursu i Badania Szkolnictwa Wyższego - trzy podejścia i jeden przykład") - contribution to 2nd workshop on Scientometrics entitled "Main ideas in science evaluation" organised by Scientometrics. Polish Research Group at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan – read more about the workshop here and see my Prezi (in Polish) here
  • (2017) "Evaluation of 'Research Impact' and new valuation practices in academia' – chair of small Round Table during workshop on 'Science.Knowledge.[E]valuation' – University of Warwick, 9-10.March 2017 (read more here)
  • (2017) "Research Impact and Presentation of Self in Everyday Academic Life. An Investigation of Discursive Positioning Practices of British Linguists". Paper presented at "The Impact of Impact Assessment on Science" workshop, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (Germany) on 27.01.2017 (invited talk) - (accompanying working paper available on request).
  • (2016) "Impact Case Study – A New Academic Genre & What it Says About Researchers",
    Poster presented at Impact Politics and International Studies Impact Conference, Warwick University, 22-23.11.16, poster available online, handout on request, DOI:
  • (2016), "Evaluation of research impact and the discursive construction of academic ethos" at Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD), International Conterence, Catania (Sicily, Italy), 5-7 September (slides available on demand)
  • (2016), "Impact - new criterion of evaluation. Introduction to topic and possible research perspectives” at workshop on ‘Bibliometric methods of science evaluation" organised by "Scientometrics. Polish Research Group" in Katowice, Poland on May 20th (nation-wide workshop) (you can read more about the workshop and the research group here and see my powerpoint, in Polish, here)
  • (2016), "Should you 'supercharge your research impact’?. The place of critique and reflexivity in the contemporary discourse on academic research”. Contribution to: DiscourseNet 17, Reflexivity and Critique in Discourse – Pamplona, University of Navarra, 16-18.04 (international conference).

  • (2016), "Safety in numbers” & other strategies of providing evidence for research impact in REF2014". Contribution to: Language, Ideology and Power group at Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, UK ( – 25.02 (invited contribution to weekly research group meetings).
  • (2015) "Evaluating the impact of research on society – history and present". Contribution to: Journées d’étude “Valuation et Évaluation”, December 9-­10 2015, École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, Paris) (international workshop).
  • (2015) "The Holy Grail of Research Impact". Contribution to: Professional and Academic Discourse Research Group meetings, Theme: Around the DISCONEX Project, Warwick University, Centre for Applied Linguistics (download powerpoint) (contribution to weekly research group meetings).
  • (2015) "What we talk about when we talk about impact". Contribution to: DiscourseNet International Congress #1. Discourse: Language, Society, Critique at the University of Bremen (Germany). (international conference) Poster accessible here.
  • (2015) "125 ways in which chemistry impacts the outside world". Contribution to "Science Diplomacy and Developments in Chemistry" organised in Polish Academy of Sciences by Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (School of Sciences); Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology; Warsaw Learned Society (international research workshop).
  • (2015) "Antonio Gramsci on translation and in translation". Contribution to "Past and Present. Philosophy, Politics, and History in the Thought of Gramsci" at King's College London, 19 June 2015, (international conference).
  • (2015) "Quantifying excellence. Development of evaluation practices in Higher Education", University of Warsaw, Faculty of Applied Linguistics, contribution to "Globe 2015. Past, present and future of Discourse Studies", May 2015, (international conference).
  • (2015) "Quantifying impact". Contribution to "Imean 2015. Language and Impact" ), University of Warwick (UK), April 2015, (international conference).
  • (2015) "The position of the PhD student". Facilitation of open-space discussion at: "DiscourseNet Winter School. Doing research on academic, educational and intellectual discourses" (co-organisation). Valencia (Spain), January 2015 (international conference).
  • (2017) Summer of Science Studies, Problems and Perspectives in Social Studies of Higher Education, Warsaw University, 14,08.2017
  • (2017) Workshop: Science.Knowledge.[E]valuation – University of Warwick, 9-10.March 2017 (read more here)
  • (2015) Winter School: "DiscourseNet Winter School. Doing research on academic, educational and intellectual discourses" (co-organisation). Valencia (Spain), January 2015.


  • "Working with coding" – workshop for PhD students, in framework of ERC DTC workshop "Methods of Discourse Analysis" delivered by DISCONEX team, with Shafiq Hizwari (31.05.2018)
  • "Working with interviews: discourse analysis & coding" – session for PhD students, organised by Migration, Identity, and Translation Network (MITN), session run via video-connection in parallel in Bologna, Italy (University of Bologna) and Melbourne, Australia (Monash University). Delivered with Eduardo Chavez-Herrera, (15.06.2017).
  • "Research Methods: Data Analysis and Write-up" – session for MA students, delivered with Rachel Chimbwete-Phiri (13.06.07)
  • "Research Methods: Choosing a Topic, Research Questions & Literature Review" – session for MA students, delivered with Rachel Chimbwete-Phiri (03.05.17)
  • "Working with coding" – workshop for PhD students, in framework of ERC DTC workshop "Methods of Discourse Analysis" delivered by DISCONEX team (10.05.17), University of Warwick
  • "Working with Coding - an Introduction" – workshop for 1st year PhD students, CAL Warwick (Febuary 2017), with Abdulla Sodiq (PhD).
  • "Working with Coding – an Introduction" - workshop for BA Students, CAL, Warwick (December 2016)
  • "Chosing a Topic and Identifying Research Questions". (with Ana Kedveš). Session for ELT MA Students, CAL, Warwick (April 2015)

Membership in organizations and sevice

I am also member of the DiscourseNet international research network and editor of the Polish version of – the portal for Discourse Analysis.

I am reviewer for Higher Education (Springer) and DiscourseNet Collaborative Working Paper Series (DN CWPS).


  • Wróblewska, M.N. (2017). Ewaluacja „wpływu społecznego” nauki. Przykład REF 2014 a kontekst polski. Nauka i Szkolnictwo Wyższe. 1(49): 79-104. doi: 10.14746/nisw.2017.1.5. Wróblewska, M.N. (2017b). Ewaluacja „wpływu społecznego”? Nie naśladujcie Brytyjczyków! 1(49): 157-166. doi: 10.14746/nisw.2017.1.8.
  • Wróblewska, M.N. (2017). Ewaluacja „wpływu społecznego”? Nie naśladujcie Brytyjczyków! Nauka i Szkolnictwo Wyższe. 1(49): 157-166. doi: 10.14746/nisw.2017.1.8.
  • Wróblewska, M.N., Angermuller J. (2017). Dyskurs akademicki jako praktyka społeczna. Zwrot dyskursywny i Społeczne Badania Szkolnictwa Wyższego. Społeczeństwo,Kultura, Edukacja 1/2017
  • Wróblewska, M.N., (2019, forthcoming). Translations of Gramsci’s texts into Polish – a Gramscian analysis. In: F. Antonini, L. Fusaro, S. Bernstein, R. Jackson (Eds.), New insights into Gramsci’s philosophical, historical and political thought. Leiden, Boston, Tokyo: Brill
  • Manrique S., Wróblewska M. N., & Good B., (2018) Rethinking Research Impact Assessment: A Multidimensional Approach, RUNIN Working Paper Series, # 15/2018, DOI: 10.3990/4.2535-5686.2018.15 (

For a bibliography and to access some of my works online (including the full text of both my theses), please visit my profile on

I share my posters and slides on Figshare.

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Research interests

Discourse Analysis, Academic Discourse, Higher Education Research, Critical Theory, Public Engagement, Research Excellence Framework (REF), Academic Evaluation, Social Sciences and Humanities Studies (SSH), Evaluation and Valuation, Translation, Translation Theory