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Warwick IFP Scholarships 2021

There will be a number of scholarship opportunities available to students joining the IFP in September 2021.

Department Scholarships

We are pleased to announce that Warwick Foundation Studies will be offering a number of academic scholarships to outstanding applicants who join the 2021-22 Warwick IFP programme.

Successful scholars will receive between £2,000 - £5,000 towards the payment of the IFP course tuition fee.

Applicants will automatically be assessed for a scholarship if they receive an offer for the Warwick IFP and pay their academic deposit before 30 June 2021.

Director's Scholarship

Our prestigious Director's Scholarship is reserved for an outstanding student who can demonstrate exemplary prior academic achievements and commitment to their future studies and degree.

How many scholarships are there: A maximum of one (1) Director's Scholarship is available this year

How much is it worth: £5,000 from your Warwick IFP Tuition Fee

Who is eligible: All applicants who have received an offer for the Warwick IFP (for any course) and paid their academic deposit before 30 June 2021

IFP Subject Scholarships

Our IFP Subject Scholarships are available for students applying for the following courses:

  1. Mathematics and Statistics [D-FP16]
  2. Computer Science [D-FP18]
  3. Engineering [D-FP19]
  4. Biological Sciences and Psychology [D-FP21]
  5. Social Sciences [D-FP23]
  6. Law and Politics [D-FP24]
  7. Arts and Humanities [D-FP25]

How many scholarships are there: There will be one (1) scholarship available for each of the Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, and Biological Sciences and Psychology courses (4 scholarships in total). There will be two (2) scholarships available for each of the Social Sciences, Law and Politics, and Arts and Humanities courses (6 scholarships in total).

How much is it worth: Each Subject Scholarship is worth £2,000 from your Warwick IFP Tuition Fee

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, you must:

What are we looking for?

Initially, we will be reviewing your Personal Statement, so please ensure that you pay attention to our guidance before making your application.

We want to see a student with lots of academic potential, who has a clear enthusiasm for their particular subject area.

A strong answer to the third question in your Personal Statement will be particularly important.

What is the process?

We'll be automatically considering applicants who have accepted a Conditional Offer and paid their academic deposit for the course by 30 June 2021, and will be shortlisting these applicants based on their Personal Statement (and academic background for the Director's Scholarship). Applicants who have already applied for the course before the launch of the scholarship will also be considered.

We will then invite shortlisted students to take part in an online video interview with either our Head of Department or Director of Studies in early July. Scholarship winners will be announced by the end of July.

If you have any questions about the scholarship process, please contact the team.

Terms and Conditions
  1. In order to be considered for any of our academic scholarships, you must submit an application for the Warwick IFP 2021-22 programme, receive an offer of a place and pay the £2,000GBP academic deposit by 30 June 2021.
  2. To be eligible for a course-specific scholarship you must apply for one of the following courses: Mathematics and Statistics [D-FP16], Computer Science [D-FP18], Engineering [D-FP19], Biological Sciences and Psychology [D-FP21], Social Sciences [D-FP23], Law and Politics [D-FP24], Arts and Humanities [D-FP25].
  3. In order to be eligible for any of our academic scholarships, you must be self-funding and not in receipt of any other fee scholarships or fee award from the University of Warwick or elsewhere.
  4. The department reserves the right to re-distribute the award of scholarships or not issue scholarships in the event that candidates for any scholarship category do not meet the criteria for a successful award