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Personal Statement Requirements | International Foundation Programme at Warwick University

We'll need you to write a Personal Statement of no more than 600 words so that we can assess your application.

You need to answer the first two questions, and then you can choose one of three questions to answer for the final section.

If you have a gap of more than a year since your last studies, please also include information on what you have been doing during this time.

Personal statements requirements for the International Foundation Programme at Warwick


  1. Why are you applying for the Warwick IFP and why does your chosen course subject area interest you? (200 words)
  2. How does the Warwick IFP relate to your future undergraduate degree choice(s) and career ambitions?
    (200 words)
  3. For your third question, please answer ONE of the following:

    a. Guest speakers are regularly invited to the University to talk about their achievements. If you could invite somebody, past or present, who would you invite to speak and what question would you ask them? (200 words)
    b. Tell us about a challenge, setback or failure that you have experienced and how it affected you. What did you learn from the experience? (200 words)
    c. You will meet lots of new people on the Warwick IFP. How would you describe yourself so that somebody could get to know you better? (200 words)