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Lia, Azerbaijan

Lia studied with us in 2016/17, and after completing the Warwick IFP in Mathematics and Economics, she progressed on to the BSc Management course at Warwick Business School.

What made you decide to come to Warwick?

I liked that the Warwick IFP does not bind you to a university, it helps you to find the best university for you, and there are lots of different subjects to prepare you for an undergraduate course.

Tell us a little about your experience studying on the course...

The course is great, we are being taught to write coursework in academic style and attending lectures and seminars that are similar to undergraduate courses, so I feel mentally prepared. I admire how passionate the teachers are, they help us overcome our problems and find solutions with us. My teacher says, "any machine can make calculations, but we will teach you how to analyse it".

What has surprised you most about the course?

Academic Skills has surprised me, as we are being taught how to write essays and how to enable us to achieve distinctions.

Has the course has helped your English?

My IELTS score was high enough for me not to attend the English Language Lessons, but I wanted to attend because I could learn how to do presentations which I will need to do in my career.

Have you decided what you want to study at undergraduate level?

I want to study Accounting and Finance, I have researched Accounting and Finance at different universities and I like the course structure at Warwick.