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Advice on writing a good UCAS personal statement for Economics?

Can you please give me some insight into writing a good UCAS personal statement for an Economics application?

For a good personal statement, we are looking to see enthusiasm for the subject, wide reading and motivation. Focus on the subject rather than extra-curricular activities, but non-academic information can be if it supports your academic achievements. You will need to evidence your ability to apply academic theories/ideas to what is happening in the news, work experience, part time work, etc.

You may find the following reading useful:

  • The Economist magazine
  • Tim Harford - The Undercover Economist
  • Thomas Piketty - Capital in the Twenty-First Century
  • Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner - Freakonomics
  • Leonard Mlodinow - The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives
  • Adam Smith - The Wealth of Nations
  • Prov Avinash Dixit (Princeton University and former Warwick Economcs Profess and Head of Department) and Prof Barry Nalebuff (Yale) - The Art of Strategy
Answered by the Department of Economics
Answer published: Feb 2020. All answers given in good faith, responses may vary with time.

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