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Scholarships, fees and funding

Tuition Fees

A full list of tuition fees for 2020/21 academic year are available on the Student Finance website.

Undergraduate 20/21

  Home EU Overseas
Band 1 £9,250 £9,250 £20,210
Band 2 £9,250 £9,250 £25,770
MBChB £9,250 £9,250 Year 1: £24,760 / Year 2-4: £43,170

Postgraduate Taught 20/21

  Home EU Overseas
Band 1 £9,460 £9,460 £21,280
Band 2 £9,460 £9,460 £27,160

Postgraduate Research 20/21

  Home EU Overseas
Band 1 £4,425 £4,425 £18,800
Band 2 £4,425 £4,425 £24,010

Study Abroad
For study Abroad students, please contact the team for more information on fees.

Warwick International Foundation Programme (Warwick IFP)

The tuition fee for 20/21 academic year is £19,690. For further information please see the Warwick IFP website.

Sponsored Students

If a sponsor is paying all or part of your fees you should have already completed a sponsorship form. You can find this form, along with full guidance on the Student Finance Office website.

More information

Living Costs

Foreign loans

Got a question?

For questions about your application please email your regional contact at:

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Europe, Russia & Central Asia
Latin America
Middle East & North Africa
North America
South Asia
South East Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa

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