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How is the teaching structured for Law?

Can you tell me how much contact time vs independent study there is in the Law course?

The academic year at Warwick is divided into three terms of 10 weeks each. You’ll be taught in terms one and two. Some modules run across both terms, others (called ‘half options’) last one term only. Term three begins with several revision weeks before exams later in the term.

In a typical week you can expect about 12 hours of contact time. You’ll be studying four modules and per module there is typically two hours of lecture and one hour of small group per week in most weeks. Week six of both teaching terms is reading week —an opportunity to catch up with reading and start preparing coursework that you complete over the next break at Christmas or Easter.

The rest of your time is spent on independent study, you’ll be given plenty of reading assignments and material to prepare. Studying law is a full time occupation.

Our teaching is consistently highly rated and several colleagues are National Teaching Fellows and have been named, or nominated for, Law Teacher of the Year.

Answered by the School of Law.
Answer published: May 2020. All answers given in good faith, responses may vary with time.

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